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Our mission is to form partnerships with physicians globally and to create and provide affordable solution assistive-based products for parents and children. Our team of medical professionals and partners is committed to providing top-notch quality products to the daily care of children.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team


Jonathan graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in Neuroscience and Psychology, which prepared him to be involved in the field of health. Jonathan has strong experience in assembling a growing coalition of physicians and health experts to develop his solution-assistive baby care brand and participating in an ongoing E-Health platform focusing on wellness management.


Pediatrician Endorser and Product Consultant

Dr. Bradford has served as President of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Pennsylvania Chapter)  and was a member of the School Health Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He has been an integral medical product consultant to help us find the intricate aspects of the daily needs of parents, and how we can help to contribute to children's care.


Physician Endorser and Product Consultant

Dr. Cohen currently practices as an urgent care physician in Faculté de medecine de fes, Morocco. His endorsement for our Bath Visor that assists with medical conditions like water phobia and ear infections during bath time has helped our products reach many communities in Morocco.


Physician Endorser and Content Editor

Dr. Chinenye is currently practicing as a general physician at the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Her strong endorsement and recommendation for our products have helped us reach many communities in West Africa.


Physician Endorser and Content Editor

Dr. Khan practices as a family physician at the Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad. Her endorsement and recommendation for our products have helped us reach many communities in the Middle East and Central Asia.


Customer Service and Experience Manager

Frank is a valued member of our team assuring we provide high quality customer service and experience. He processes customer feedback and provides important input to ensure our positive relationship with customers.


Logistics and Distribution Head

Susan handles the domestic logistics and distribution of our products from our two warehouses (2,000 square meters in total) in the United States. Her more than 17 years of experience in logistics and customer service is a great help to our seamless logistic process.


International Sourcing and Trading Specialist

Claire manages our two warehouses (over 10,000 square meters in total) overseas. Her 5+ years of sourcing and trading experience has contributed tremendously to our entrances to new markets.

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