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Don't we sometimes wish our babies all came with instruction manuals? Many parents certainly would agree especially regarding simple (and yet often difficult) grooming tasks such as trimming the nails, brushing the teeth, and oh, the holy grail of grooming - bathing.

Bath times can be a nightmare for babies (I daresay for new parents as well) and could even be a source of anxiety. No parent enjoys seeing their babies cry, their little bodies quaking with the tears and screams as the bathing water (which they probably now have a phobia for) flows through their hair, carrying soap suds into their eyes, nostrils, ears, and even the mouth.

Your soft encouraging words seem to be of little help and having tried all the "tricks" in the books - tilting the head backwards, distracting them by making fun hair designs, and even opting for tear-free shampoos without much success, you're literally at your wit's end and you wonder - Is there a solution to fussy and even nightmarish bath times?

Well, in a word, yes - Bath visors.

Baby Bath Visors: Why every parent should have one for their babies

Bath visors are protective shower caps made from non-irritant materials like plastic and silicon, uniquely crafted to keep bath water from running into the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of babies, ultimately making shower time a comfortable, tear-free and even fun one. There are many different bath face-shielding product designs available, with some requiring a hold to the forehead during a bath.

Fortunately, the Walnut Tree Baby Bath Cap boasts of margins that are specially built to have an airflow seal which ensures a snug yet comfortable fit on your baby’s scalp, needing no hands. However, it is much better than a regular shower cap as it exposes the baby’s head for washing even while keeping the water away from the child’s face.

Are there any health benefits to using a Baby Bath visor?

There are indeed many health benefits to enjoy when you use bath visors for your babies:

It prevents water and soap suds from your child’s ears, eyes and mouth

  • Water and soap suds constantly getting and staying in the ear may predispose the child to inflammatory conditions of the outer ear (otitis externa), akin to swimmers' ear which may require antibiotic and analgesic treatment.

  • Soap suds getting into the eyes can sting and burn the eyes. In addition to using a visor, opt for mild baby-friendly shampoos and soaps.

  • Inadvertent swallow of soap suds is usually not a serious concern, however it may cause uncomfortable symptoms especially if the soap or shampoo contains harmful chemicals.

Could help your baby get over water phobia faster

Water phobia (ablutophobia) is quite common among toddlers, usually manifesting around the age of 1 to 2 years. With the use of a bath visor, your child is able to breathe and also see without any hassles during a bath and this contributes to their feelings of comfort, security and control over the situation.

Asides these health benefits, the use of a bathing visor provides further advantages such as:

  • Provides extra outdoor protection for your baby when it rains or on particularly sunny days.

  • Can serve as a convenient haircut accessory to keep the falling hairs from your child's face.

  • Ultimately, the bath visor makes bathing time a fun and engaging one for both parent and child.

Are there any disadvantages to using a Baby bath visor?

No there aren't. However, care should be taken when choosing the best visor for your baby as certain chemicals in plastics may be harmful to your baby's health.

Walnut Tree Baby's bath caps are made of environment-friendly non-irritant silicon materials. It is specially designed to fit all sizes in a snug and comfortable way and the hands-free use feature frees up your hands and allows you wash your baby’s head with no fuss.

A baby bath visor should definitely be an important item in your baby's grooming kit as it does not only bring the fun back to bath times, but also helps to keep your baby safe and in good health.


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